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Our NEW LAND Song, Video & Painting


Long time ago, a child of Baan Unrak had a dream. She dreamed of this land, where our Home currently lies. At that time, our Home was somewhere else, and we were looking to move to a new place, in order to accommodate the growing number of children.

In her dream, the little girl saw Baba, our spiritual master, sitting on this land. In her words, “Baba was the divine. And the divine was Baba.” So we knew, that this was the right place to build our new Home…

In the book “Namah Shiváya Shántáya”, Baba writes about dreams, and the New Land. The words of Baba became our New Land song. Didi Ananda Anuraga put it into music, and Baan Unrak musical group sang it and performed it.


Watch it on YouTube:


This mystical experience sparked the imagination of our young artist Latika. She got to work on it, and this is her creation:

In her vision… our Home lies on top of a lotus flower, under a shiny full moon, surrounded by little fairies.


Last night in the dream I saw a new land. In the half-dim light of the moon a solitary realm. I wonder what flowers bloom there and what moon glows in the sky. There the buds never wither, the life’s flow has no ebb. There the flowers have no thorns, I had a dream of such a solitary land.

I saw You in my dream, In dream I made your acquaintance. In dream I called You, In dream I saw You, Lord full of love.

Merciful Lord, Lord full of love Merciful Lord, Lord full of love Merciful Lord, Lord full of love

I do not see You with my eyes, I see You in my mind. In that beautiful meeting, all sorrow disappear.

In dream I am alive In wakening, I forget. If the dream is so sweet, then let it be just a false imagination.

Don’t awaken me, Don’t awaken me, Don’t awaken me.

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