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Our Sandy’s Workshop with Teenage Children

Hello, this is me, Sandy. I am back at Baan Unrak in the month of March for some workshops. This time it was about ‘Sex Education’ with teenage children. The workshop was held at different timings for both boys and girls, as it is of high importance to provide the children with safe space for them to learn and share. The children had similar workshop previously, but we felt necessary to emphasize again the topic as in Sangkhlaburi there is a very high rate of teen pregnancy. Many of our children are leaving the home at 18, and even though they still have the support of the home, they may find difficult situations and need to be prepared and understand the topic clearly.

The two important aspects that were delivered during this workshop were: relationships and sexual behavior. It is our responsibility as society and caretakers to support and provide the children with the right knowledge to help them make an informed decision in one of the most important areas of their lives.

The topics covered included puberty and the changes that take place in our body. We briefly talked about cultural belief and scientific evidence around masturbation, sexual intercourse, protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. We revisited the topic of consent, how to say ‘NO’ when they are not ready to engage in any physical contacts with anyone of different gender especially.

Various tools and visual aids were used during the workshop to further assist everyone in receiving an adequate amount of understanding and knowledge. The children showed eagerness in participating throughout the session. It was overall a successful and productive workshop as everybody felt safe enough to ask questions and clarify some misinformation that they received previously.

It always brings me joy each time after the workshop, any of the participants come to me for clarifications or an answer for their confusion or curiosity. I enjoy taking the time to go through the explanation with the particular children or person, providing them with scientifically based examples. I find this as a great opportunity to build trust and a greater bond with the children as well.

In addition to this productive workshop, all of the children also had the chance to enjoy some special treats, Vegetarian burger, and some delicious mangoes.

I would like to personally thank Khun Worawit, Mr. Atikrit, Ms. Juntima and Mr. Mix for their kindness in sponsoring this lovely meal. 😊

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