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Our Way Back to Health

We have been touched by several storms recently…

The main switch of our electric system exploded and we had a total black-out. Now it is only temporarily fixed.

This is the photo diary of the 2 weeks that lead to our full recovery.

As we took care of the emergency by ourselves, while suffering from Covid we realized that…

We can’t stop seeing the Beauty of Life!

The Wonder of Life is, always, all around us.

The sun rising, a gentle breeze, flowers blossoming , the children’s smiles, the kindness of people…

As the days passed, some children started to get better.

The healthy ones took good care of cooking, cleaning and all the basic needs.

Even in this time of quarantine…

Everything was exciting for the children!

The children couldn’t wait to go back to normal…

The little ones even tried to drive themselves to school!

We also had a Pizza Party that uplifted everybody’s mood!

Another little step to improve our health was…

A special day with lot of fruit and milk.

Thanks to our kind sponsors…

The flow of fruit continued in the next days…

Many children gradually recovered. But at the same time, those who didn’t get the virus at first, tested positive days later…

Nobody escaped from Covid, except… him!

Tainaso! He is one of our physically weak children. We were so worried for him when Covid spread into our home. But now, he is the only child who didn’t get sick! So he may actually be the stronger of us..!

As we started to feel stronger, we started to meet again up the hill, to sing together and meditate on Love.

We managed to recover just in time to celebrate our 31st Anniversary.

…in the next blog!

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