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Psychologist Fiorella

Fiorella is a psychologist from Italy. She came to visit us and volunteer here for two weeks.

She immediately fell in love with Baan Unrak. She was able to get close to all the children in the short time. She took on a job of translating and interviewing children for their sponsor. So she came to know the children in a very deep and beautiful way.

By taking on this project she got the inspiration to continue and promised us that she will come back with the package for a serious of seminars to give to the teenagers of Baan Unrak.  These seminars will help them to understand their body, their mind and their soul. She will soon put together a program to send to us.

We are extremely lucky to have her. She will work with Jasicca, another psychologist from Italy. Sometimes Fiorella will come and sometime Jasicca will come. So we will have the entire year covered by a psychologist.  Psychology is very important for  the children of Baan Unrak to help them work through and deal with their past.

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