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Rayong Trip

Every year a group of children with volunteers take a summer vacation in Rayong. This is a trip that the children look forward to and start to get excited during the planning process.

Two volunteers, Louise and Pavitra, were the volunteers that put the trip together and brought the roughly thirty children on their yearly adventure. The drive is long but a fun way to see the country. Upon arrival the locals welcomed us with a lot of watermelon. So much that we brought some home. It is so kind of them to remember us.

The wonderful thing about the trip to Rayong is how the children work together and take on all the responsibilities and collaborate with one another to get jobs such as helping cook, clean, laundry and set activities up for the day. With only two volunteers the responsibility falls on everyone. The children also participate in service by picking up garbage and cleaning the beach. As they do every year. It is nice to see them all participate in the organization of daily activities. This along with swimming, playing games and relaxing make it exciting. The children depend on each other to get things done and have fun. This is a very bonding experience.

The volunteers split the children into three teams and have them playing in a number of hilarious games competing against each other through out the week. Such as potato sack race, Balloon toss, food eating race and monkey tail. Everyone gets competitive and cheers their teammates on. Then they went swimming every day at the beach.

Overall the trip was a fabulous success! They cannot wait until next year.

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