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Relief Expedition in Flooded Burma

We would like to raise three cheers for this team. They have just come back from another relief trip in Burma (Myanmar). We would like to give a special mention to two particular men: Ball and Haeng, for their tireless efforts in leading the program.

The past few months Burma has suffered from heavy rainfall and flooding, meaning whole communities are left with flooded homes, and without food and water.

Baan Unrak wanted to help. After gathering all the resources we could, we knew it wouldn’t be enough. So we asked our donors to step forward if they would assist.  We were delighted at the response and received generous sponsorship to buy food and water to give to those in need.

Ball and his friends, ex-children of Baan Unrak, were eager to help. Although they are Thai, they know that most of the people in the Sangkhlaburi area have Burmese ancestry. To honor them they wanted to help with the relief.  It was very moving to see the huge response from Thailand to help fellow human beings in trouble. Trucks from all around the country congregated at the border to offer assistance. Some were unable to pass through security but the Baan Unrak team proceeded forward.

Alone, Ball ensured the car was fixed and roadworthy, the supplies were purchased and were all safely secured in the vehicle.  Together they traveled by car, motorbike, boat and on foot to deliver food, water and support to the worst affected rural areas of Burma.

Haeng, being Burmese himself and the husband of an ex Baan Unrak child, was invaluable. He was able to lead the crew through Burma to the most isolated areas.  The assistance was welcomed and gratefully received everywhere.

We cannot give all the credit to this team– a second group, all ladies, ventured into Burma. They gathered together clothes and supplies from Baan Unrak and took them to our partner school in Burma. We are blessed to have such selfless people working with us.

Relief work forms a key part of Baan Unrak’s work in Thailand. We continue to offer monthly service to the nearby community by buying and delivering food to those that cannot buy their own. We see this as a priority in order to ease human suffering and will continue to do all we can.

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