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Sangklaburi Singing competition

With every opportunity, Baan Unrak continues to improve relations with our  Sangkhlaburi neighbor. The most recent has been a big step in fostering deeper connections with community members.

Pripana and Noppap, two of our young children, entered a singing competition originally intended for local adults. Praipana was the singer and Noppap was the guitarist.  It was such exciting experience for them.

Their close friends and staff of Baan Unrak were there chearing them on. Praipana sang with soul and skill and she received special praise and she was especially admired for been the only one to sing in English language.

We received the third prize. Remarkably the biggest award was in the respect and admiration of the other contestants and audience members who now give an added level of grace when greeting our children.

They are beginning to see the tenacity of their spirit and the size of our humble hearts.

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