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Self Help - Part 3

Our boys must learn about life and this requires they have to do their duties not only for society, not only for our home, but also for the planet.

Let's put the empty bags in the car and go to get some products for the compost.

Let add some straw!

My feet would hurt if I was them!

Now we laugh!

Cow poop is very good for food decomposition and for the soil.

Watch out the caw! It is stealing our precious straw!

Ok well... This one is waiting for her baby to be born, we can give her a bit.

They were happy to come back with the fruit of their labor...

... but look at their faces when they realized how bad the poop bags smell!

Anyway you guys did a good job!!

"Sisters, we have a problem. Look at all the left over we have. We should use it to make compost for our garden right ?"

Our girls like to take care of the food in the kitchen but inevitably, the preparation leads to left over. In order not to waste this natural material, we decided to create a special pile of compost.

First step is to bring the bags of left over close by.

Then, the contents must be poured over the pile.

Some time ago the boys were looking for some special soil to help the compost grow.

Now the girls only got to spread them on the left over.

Our Dada has prepared a special product called "EM" for us that keeps the compost clean and prevents odors from developing.

Let's cover it and the job will be done!

Ready for the next mission!

And the next mission is about cleaning!

A few mice got into on of our cloth storage!

It is necessary to empty the space.

Some boys came to help.

Thanks guys!

Look how seriously they do it!

Cleaning looks so fun even the little ones joined in.

Now that everything has been moved, let the fabrics breathe.

Hand in hand, boys and girls, put all their hearts into making this place a living space where each soul can be in peace to grow in the best conditions.

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