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Singing for joy

Baan Unrak children love singing and they are very good at it.

That's why we were so happy to welcome our volunteer Ana, who was eager to share her passion for singing.

Through games, the children did voice exercises to warm up their voice chords and get ready for singing.

Small children had daily singing classes as well, and enjoyed them a lot while setting their voices free and learning to control them.

With eyes tied up, children learned to listen to their partner's voice amidst various noises.

They walked towards the voice that was calling them in a unique way, without letting other sounds distract them. It was a musical exercise, but also a lesson of trust and communication.

Singing serves as a powerful tool for emotional expression. While singing, children learn to convey their feelings through music, exploring and expressing various emotions.

In Ana's classes children learned to harmonize with their friends, follow the leader's guidance, and appreciate the importance of collective effort.

Together, they learned new songs, translated them into Thai language, and sang them in many voices.

Surely, beyond the joy of music, our singing classes contributed to the development of cooperation, empathy, and communication.

From physical development to emotional expression, cognitive enhancement, and social skills, singing classes contribute to a harmonious journey for our young learners.

We are blessed to have great friends like Ana, who are willing to bring new visions to our Home and purify our minds with fresh waves of their love.


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