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Who can understand our need to be heard and to be seen?  Only a sisters heart can respond and recognize the curious and fascinating feeling of a girl becoming a woman. We need to be together because with our sisters we can be free to be who want to be. We can confront the world with the strength we give each other. We can conquer the world, discover life and master it when we have our sisters standing by our side.

Sometime the big sisters and female staff of Baan Unrak want to treat our girls. To go out and freely enjoy life by themselves. We are lucky to have such good sisters that understand and relates to our needs from time to time.

It was in this way that some of the girls left early one day to go to the water park in Burma. It is a special place full of fun and games. They had prepared a pick nick of very simple food because this was not their main goal, which was to have fun together.

On another occasion we went with our volunteer and staff to Bangkok. They knew that our volunteer and staff would be busy and could not spend much with them. But again the focus was to have fun in just being with each other. Eventually we manage to go to places and fill the time with wonderful activities.

Some of our sponsors took care of us by making sure we had food to eat and they gave us beautiful gifts. They had invited us to their place to play in their swimming pool.

Driving through the city can be very hectic and you can be stuck in traffic for hours. Being stuck in traffic several times our volunteer Nadiea decided she wanted the children to experience Bangkok on the water, as they love water.

For some of the children it was the first time on a long tail boat so they were very excited. Some were a bit tense due to when the boat would turn you would tip to the side the boat was turning. All in all it was an experience the girls would not forget for a long time to come.

Some tourists who were on the boat with them were very intrigued by the children and their enthusiasm and enjoyed their company as well.

Cementing their bond as sisters was the most important experience during this holiday.

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