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Songkran 2021

Songkran Festival celebrates Thai New Year. It is also called the Water Festival. The children look forward to it with great anticipation every year!

This time, however, because of Covid and water scarcity we couldn’t do a big celebration. But we didn’t want to miss a very special ritual…

Paying respect to the elders

Ayati was the first to perform the ritual. She grew up in Baan Unrak, and now she returned to give back, to serve, working for our foundation.

The ritual consists of pouring perfumed water on the elder, with best wishes such as good luck, health, happiness…

The elder pours water on the younger one in return, with a blessing.

Below, the other grown-up children, now part of our staff, happily paying homage.

Then, it was the turn of the small children!

Didi and the care-mothers know very well each and every child. Therefore, they had the right words for each of them…

They knew what the children needed to hear, what they needed them to wish them.

Below, little Turiya pays respects to the mothers!

Here, little Ishvari with her care-giver Muno.

The children felt at home in Didi’s hands. She took the child’s face in her hands, looking at them with a big Thanks.

The children enjoyed pouring water on Didi more than the usual..! In that moment, it seemed that the children realized all the things that Didi does for them and, not taking for granted what they have, they gave back to Didi all their Love, in the symbolic form of perfumed water!

To the teenagers, she spoke encouraging words for their future, exhorting them to do great work for society.

Below, our new baby Dana and his care-mother received the blessing too!

Then, all the other care-mothers performed the ritual with Didi, expressing their gratefulness.

Sometimes we forget the importance of a good word in the right moment. The celebration of Songkran in Thailand is about this.

This ritual reminds us to be grateful and kind to everyone, without expecting something in return.

Right after the ritual…

The water games began!

But only for a very short time!

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