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Sport Day

Last week was the sport day in Baan Unrak school, and our children had a really great fun!

The children spent a whole month to prepare this annual event, including cheerleader dancing, football and basketball, and the school itself even spent three days in a row to have this sport day without having classes!

Back to a month, you would very like to see a bunch of children stretching their sports muscles after dinner and on weekends; the girl likes to play volleyball a lot, while the boys went to a big football filed to practice football.

The first two days of sport day was held in the football field near the temple.

All the children were divided into 4 groups, distinguishing by 4 colors, red, yellow, green and orange.

The day started by running, followed by football and basketball.

The basketball game is totally different from the one played in NBA, with two kids standing on a chair, holding a basket and try to catch the ball thrown by their team players, and one can’t move while holding the ball but pass it.

The game may seemed to be unfair that included a wide range of different aged children, that is because the number of the children is limited, and they had fun in this way!

The last sport day was held at school, because the biggest game is volleyball, and there is a net inside Baan Unrak school.

Boys team and girls team are separated, and they were both wonderful!

The cheerleaders really made an effect to cheer all the players these days!

They’ve done a wonderful job!

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