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Summer games

Baan Unrak children love games.

They can play any kind of game, you could ever think of.

Something is happening! The children can't wait to start the game.

Can the team bring all the water balloons to the other side of the field without walking?

Sounds easy, unless the other team leagues are throwing balls to break the balloons. Water is everywhere!

Even though every team wants to win, the children are careful with their younger friends. When it comes to the older children... well, they get all the balls.

Limbo! Who does not know this game?

Our children show the masterpiece of bending.

Some games require both, speed and cleverness. Big and small children are equal here, who can outsmart the opponent wins.

1, 2, 3... Stop!

Fast or safe - what would you choose?

Sack race is so much fun!

Can they walk with eyes tied?

Testing children's intuition and trust to the teammates. Spoiler: they did unbelievably well.

Yoga is something our children practice on a daily basis. So why not have a competition?

Staying long in difficult yoga postures not only puts the strength and stamina to the test, but also requires an inner balance.

Once again Baan Unrak children have proved, that they are strong, fast and smart.

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