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Teach how to repair and maintain bikes

Our children really love bicycles but don’t know how to take proper care of them. Our volunteers focused on teaching a select group of enthusiasts how to repair and maintain bikes.

One child on one bike can often break over time. 127 children sharing 20 bikes is even worse. Regularly, the bikes break down and become unusable.  The home doesn’t have funding to maintain a fleet of vehicles, and with only one bike store in town the prices are quite high for parts. Many volunteers and many staffs from Baan Unrak try to create the system but regularly the system just broke down.

Finally, we got a very strong minded volunteer that was not only determined to fix the bicycles but also establish a relationship with a new store (for cheaper repairs) . Ryan (23 years) was raised in Bangkok, and used his mechanical know-how gained from his father and the Thai language skills gained from his upbringing to get us from 5 bikes to 17, with extra parts to spare, and with children able to replace parts and make minor repairs.  All the children are excited to go on bike trips and experience live on wheels! Thank you to Ryan!

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