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Thank you Matoo for your love and sacrifice!

Matoo has been a blessing as former child of the home; she works here while she continues her education. She is so valuable on many different projects around our community. She started with the bakery and then went to the kitchen to help with the cooking. Finally, we saw the real passion of Matoo: to take care of our little Ishvari, who needs very special care.

With our little Ishvari, Matoo can really blossom and be in high spirits. By nature, Matoo is very shy but now because of our Ishvari she has overcome this. Under her guidance, comfort, and care, Ishvari also has developed and became more active.

Right now, we require Matoo to assist in the care of Ishvari, who needs to go for one month therapy in Bangkok. So we require Matoo to be trained on all the step by step instructions for Ishvari’s therapy. Matoo has to learn the exercises and treatments that need to be done for Ishvari to heal. This is a big challenge for her to care for a child through the month. Matoo had a helper, with one of our workers also went with her. We appreciate Matoo because even though her job is to care for Ishvari, her dedication and love shine through.

Thank you Matoo for your love and sacrifice!

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