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Thank you, Premier

Through the dedication of very serious volunteer of Baan Unrak, we were able to contact a leading environmental company in Bangkok, Premier, that thanks to their great generosity and effort has helped us realize our dream of clean energy.

In February, 2018, the company installed 42 solar panels that will meet all our average annual daytime energy use, which is significant.  The team worked solidly for one week, carefully handling the precious solar panels.

The chief technician also gave a seminar to our children, who asked questions for nearly half an hour on how the panels worked, how much power, and even whether lightning would be a danger to the installation.

We are so grateful to this solar company. Besides giving us all the big package of knowledge and material to use for our benefit, they will also monitor the project digitally from far away to make sure our panels continue to function at optimum capacity.

We know that they give us the best effort and material possible in the clean energy field today.

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