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The Beautiful soul of Dokbua

To love and care are values that shine through at Baan Unrak. And this is very evident when experiencing the support that Dokbua provides to her ‘Baan Unrak family’, especially when they are sick.

During a recent outbreak of measles, 6 of 15 children were affected and hospitalized. Many of the children requested Dokbua to assist them while being ill.  She is only 12 years old but has the ability to comfort the other children and make sure they are well cared for. She cares for them by keeping cool when their temperatures rise and keeps a close eye on them to notice if they are improving or declining in health.

Latika, also 12 years old, recently recovered from measles, only to be re-admitted to hospital with Dengue Fever. Again, Dubkua has shown her nurturing nature by sleeping overnight at the hospital with Latikaand ensuring that she is coping with the high temperatures by washing her, loving her and being at her side.

Dabkua has a way of bringing peace and kindness through her joyful and caring smile, which is more infectious than any disease. This is despite lack of sleep and fear of being in close contact with others in the infectious disease ward.

This gift of hers is appreciated by Didi and all the family at Baan Unrak. We thank Dubkua for being willing to share this gift and to show others how to love and care and carry on the philosophy of Baan Unrak.

Our little ones that suffered from measles

The first were Rochana and Fai. They became sick at the time of flood and needed to be carried over the floating bamboo bridge on our shoulder. They were very brave as they were the ones that had to stay in hospital the longest.

As they came back from hospital another 13 children were sick.

While all these children were sick, Dokbua monitored their health, cared for them, brought them food and stay with them in hospital to support all of them in her special way.

Now that the sun is shining and the flood has gone  down, we hope that Latika will be the last of this line illness that has pestered us for the last 3 weeks.

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