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The Children’s Show

The Saturday show has already become an eagerly awaited event for the whole week. In the beautiful, warm space of our Baan Unrak Bakery, the children perform a spectacular AcroYoga show, which never fails to leave our guests speechless.

The children work hard and keep on practicing to become better and better at it. It is both a commitment and a joy. Some of them even went to Bangkok on a long weekend, in order to learn a new choreography that they will then teach to their friends back at the Home.


Below, feel the atmosphere of last Saturday morning rehearsal in our meditation room.

Warming Up

A couple of hours before the showtime, the performing children reach our Baan Unrak Bakery to prepare the stage and warm up, stretching and rehearsing the most difficult figures and positions.

The Show

Even with some of our performing children sick the past week, we still managed to put up our Saturday Evening Yoga Show at the Baan Unrak Bakery. Kushuma, our former child who is now volunteering, directed the children and perfected the choreography.

At the end of the show, the children perform songs of kindness and gratefulness for our guests, closing with the signature of the Home of Joy: the THANK YOU song.

A Special Guest

Even our little Ishvari came to the show. She was accompanied by Janpen, a teenage girl with a big heart, who arrived at our Home so recently. From the very first moment, Janpen showed a natural disposition to take care and give love to the other children. So much that she is already a best friend, and a caregiver, for Ishvari.

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