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The gift of Education

Education is so important for our children.  Since the beginning of Baan Unrak, we have tried to provide them a harmonious and balanced education that stimulates the joy of learning.   Of course, many of our children have suffered abuse and trauma, which can put them at a serious disadvantage when they enter and attend school, for they can lack self-esteem and carry lingering fears in their hearts.  Many of our children have special physical and psychological needs it is difficult to meet with our budget constraints.

So, for all of our children, we have no doubt that education is the key to opening the doors of the future.  With the assistance of our friends, sponsors and volunteers, we try to create programs that enable our children to learn and thrive.

Anna, one of our volunteers who was very passionate about meeting the needs of children who were lagging behind, helped us set up a special homework system to keep the children on track.  Other friends such as Paula helped us start the Baan Unrak English Academy to provide extra English classes after school and on the weekends.

Because of the effort of so many friends and volunteers now we can feel Baan Unrak Children’s home is also a center of learning that can help prepare our children and young adults for all the challenges and blessings of life.

Even though the education challenges are constant, we do feel we are seeing great improvement among some of our troubled children, as they feel freer to use their talent and intelligence.  Also, our stronger children continue to advance academically, with many preparing for college, taking the role models of other Baan Unrak children already successful in college.  As our older children grow in kindness and success, they give the younger children constant inspiration, and together we all remain committed to fight for the future of every single Baan Unrak child.

We thank all of our supporters for having sustained us and helping us come so far.

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