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The Holidays Begin!

The sun is shining once again on Sangkhlaburi, and the rainy season is by now a faded memory… except for an occasional afternoon shower from the sky.

The school is closed, the children are at home, and the spirits are high! So… let the holidays begin!

Pavitra is Back!

A long time friend of Baan Unrak, our dear volunteer Pavitra is back once again, as usual, for the holiday time of our children. He takes care of them, make sure that they do some work in the mornings, bring them to swim at the river every afternoon, and much more..!

At the River

This holiday season we’ve found a new secret spot in the jungle, perfect for climbing and jumping into the water…

…and a perfect spot also to wash clothes and roll in the mud!

And perfect also for a letal sand balls battle!

Picking Vegetables

One day, we ventured deep in the jungle to go find vegetables for our kitchen. It turned out to be a lot of fun too!

And a Big Event is Coming…

We’ve been also very busy fixing our home, and preparing everything for a yoga conference that will start very soon, right at our Children’s Home!

Some very special people have already arrived at our Home…

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