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The Little Big Things

Hello! You didn’t hear from us in a while over the past month, and we apologize. In fact, many of us got sick: Didi, some of our staff, our volunteers, and many children. But now we are all feeling good again, and with more energy than ever.

Here is an update about the little big things that happened recently at Baan Unrak. Those things that make our daily life so special.

The Collective Birthday

Most of the children who come to our Home don’t have any papers. And in most cases, nobody knows when they were born. Therefore, Didi and the staff have to guess and assign them a birth date.

Then, every month, on a very special night, we celebrate the Birthday of the children whose birth day fall in that month. This time, the lucky ones to blow the candles on the cake (which is actually… a pizza!)  were our little Chidatma, Jirapet and Peerawut, together with the teenagers Janpen, Dedeso and Mali, and our baby Hongtae.

After we sang songs all together, the birthday children received a present: a sack full of useful things for school, plus some new clothes, a toy or two, and a handful of sweets.

Then, as per tradition, we had the funny (and loud!) moment of “Candy Throwing”: two of the bigger girls climb on a table of the dining hall, and at the count of three, they start throwing candy in every direction, while all the children try to get as much as they can. Then, in the true spirit of Baan Unrak, they will share them.

A Special Dinner

Sometimes, we are also lucky to have sponsors offering a special dinner. Our teenage boy Baleoo was asked to choose what he would like to eat on such a special occasion. And he choose to have a salad, with potatoes. A simple, yet delicious meal indeed.

Then, a tasty Coconut Cake came straight from our Bakery, for the joy of the small ones.

An Adventurous Afternoon

One day, after our 5:00 pm dinner, we went to pay a visit to our goats down at the lake. And so, following the trail down the hill, we reached our farm on the lakeshore.

The goats were grazing on the other side, so we crossed the lake by boat guided by our farmer to find them. After chasing them on green fields, some of the children even jumped on the goats’ floating house on the way back.

To our big surprise and delight, our faithful dog Kiwi followed us and swam all the way to reach us. We were all amazed by her swimming prowess!

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