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Tin roof for poor house

Every month Baan Unrak bring relief goods to the very poor people in the Sangklaburi district. Sometime is quite difficult to maintain this program because of our strict budget. Mostly we gave only rice for their monthly need even we know that there is they need much more than that. At the time we take advantages of visitors and volunteers to bring them to our regular trips into the community. Sometime our guests are kind enough to offer more help.

This month we were quite lucky to have our two friends Pavitra and Eleonor take a big step in changing a family’s living condition. Eleonora and Pavitra are long term volunteers who fundraise in Europe and visit us here every year.

This month there was a situation of extreme need which we could not in any way afford to help.  Eleonora and Pavitra became our benefactors. A mother and her 3 children were living in a hut with a partial roof. It was not enough to shelter them from the scorching sun let alone the torrential rain. This year has had a long rainy season that has not yet ended.

Pavitra and Eleonora did not fix the grass roof. Instead, they bought a tin roof. The mother will not have to worry for the next 10 rainy seasons. Hopefully there story inspires more visitors and volunteers so that we may alleviate suffering of others.

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