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To the river we go

Weekends are usually very relaxing and full of fun. Children get to do activities that they like after cleaning up the house. This time, some of them chose to watch movies, some were seen peeling the coconut’s husk fiber to be used as fertilizer later. Some younger boys were running about playing hide and seek while the little girls were busy chattering and giggling away. It was such a pleasant sight to see everyone having a good time on their weekends.

As it has always been, weekend is also the time when the children get make the trip to the river to swim. Today, about 20 children together with Amo (our Girl teenager in charge) and one of our volunteers Roshni and her son, were up on the truck at sharp 3 PM. Carrying their towels and some extra pair of clothes, off to the river they went.

The trip was full of laughter, chitter chatter noise and with the engine roaring in the background, we could hear almost nothing of what was spoken except the excitement.

Upon reaching, the children jumped off of the truck and got in the river immediately. Some bigger children brought along their soiled clothes and started washing it while younger kids didn’t even wait any longer to swim in the fresh cold water. They were splashing water to each other, finding some funny shaped stones and also spotting some squids that were hiding under the bottom of the rocks.

After about an hour or so, slowly everybody started coming out of the river and drying themselves up. All children looked fresh and fulfilled, they hopped back on to the truck more relaxed and probably tired as well. We drove pass the Budha temple on the way home and all children bowed their head in respect.

The sky changed color into a beautiful hue of orange, the trees waved as though saying goodbye to us and so our Sunday ended😊

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