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Two Special Nights

During the past two weeks, we were so happy to have Cristina with us. All the way from Italy, she came to Baan Unrak as a wave of new positive energy and desire to help.

She immediately fell in love with our place, our children and our facilities, foreseeing bright future scenarios for our projects.

Cristina arrived at Baan Unrak the day of her birthday. She planned it long in advance, and she wanted to bring happiness to the children. In fact, she brought a 3-kilos jar of Nutella and bought loads of bread on the way to us for this purpose. For many of our children, it was the first time tasting this new flavor.

We started the celebration with a balloon game, with the children running and screaming in excitement all over the dining hall.

The children already knew that it was Cristina’s birthday and they prepared a surprise for her.

They sang “Happy Birthday Cristina” over and over, even in Italian, while frantically some other children in the kitchen were looking for the lighter to light up the candles for their surprise cake. We really enjoyed it.

In the following days, we showed her our place and all of our daily activities. She saw great potential and helped us to leverage it, giving us precious insights on how to get even better.

She didn’t waste a second of her time at Baan Unrak, working hard to implement her visions immediately. And so, after training the children, she went with them to the Wooden Bridge – the landmark of our village – to distribute leaflets to tourists and locals to promote our Bakery.

The children learned how to do it quickly, and they enjoyed it a lot. So we will be doing it consistently on weekends.

Then, on Cristina’s last day with us, we had the dress rehearsal of our Yoga Show and Indian Dance at our Bakery.

It was a great night, and the children performed at their best, leaving us speechless with their skill and grace.

If you are in Sangkhlaburi, don’t miss our children’s show at Baan Unrak Bakery, every Saturday at 7:00 pm.

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