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Underwater life

Holidays are a good time to rest, but also to learn something new.

Baan Unrak children visited Rayong Aquarium and explored, who lives on the bottom of the sea.

Children were amazed by the variety of fish and other underwater creatures. Some of them were tiny and others were enormous.

All the boys wanted to see the sharks and were so excited when many of them showed up.

We saw crabs, tortoises and even dangerous sea creatures. It is astonishing, how different the manifestation of life can be, how many different shapes it can take.

When we meet the marine inhabitants so close, we can see how vulnerable they are and how important it is to keep the sea clean. It is our duty to protect them.

All the children from small to big enjoyed the place a lot and got to know their homeland in from a new side.

What a beautiful way to spend a hot day!

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