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Volunteers from Singapore

A big group of high-school students from Singapore came to volunteer in Baan Unrak. Their intention was to help us with our projects and spend time with the children.

Our guests divided into teams took a few big duties.

One group of the volunteers spent time in the nursery. They taught the small children the art of origami, painted together, and crafted adorable bracelets.

They were eager to spend time with the little ones, as they had so many ideas what to do together.

There is no greater gratitude than the shining eyes and smiles of the little children. Our volunteers received an abundance of that heartfelt joy.

Another group built a whole road to the farm.

A big road around out Home has been finished just recently, with the help of our sponsors. Thanks to their support, we were able to do it very fast, aided by the efficiency of a cement mixing machine.

This time, we proceeded with caution, little by little, as the road goes downhill at a steep incline. The task was challenging, but the Singapore volunteers handled it.

They were tasked with manually transporting sand and stones, mixing cement, and constructing the road. It was a very heavy work, but our friends were very dedicated to help us with this important task.

And they did great!

In the evenings, all together, they went to the field to play sport games with the children. That was so much fun for everyone!

We shared our meals, had long talks and overall had a lot of fun together.

The volunteers enjoyed a breakfast at the bakery and even had the chance to learn how to prepare some dishes, and helped the restaurant staff.

During a guided tour, they learned a lot about the Home and its history. Saw the weaving and sewing centers, that provide jobs to the single mothers. Walked around the farm and enjoyed the lake view.

The Singapore group remained with us until Christmas and actively participated in the grand show organized by our children. They contributed to decorating the Home and even took on the task of painting an entire wall with festive Christmas themes.

The guests also performed on the stage with a song and two dances.

Our children loved the performance!

On the last morning, our friends gave the children very special gifts.

In merely a week, strong bonds of friendship blossomed among us.

As we parted ways, tears welled in our eyes.

Although we had to bid farewells, our bonds endure in our hearts. The friendship we share is a cherished treasure.

We are deeply thankful to the Singapore group for their time at Baan Unrak and we hope to meet again soon.

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