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Volunteers’ Help

Art is such a healing tool from the stress and the ups and down of life. It can heal deep emotional wounds inside us. We are so lucky that here in Baan Unrak we have often volunteers that bring the different branches of the aesthetic science to us.

We try to take every opportunity for our children to develop artistic skills. Maria from Mexico taught basic dance, giving dance lessons to the girls after school. The children are very happy to be able to express themselves creatively through dance.

Beside that a worker at Baan Unrak had music skills. He has been taking time out of his work to come to teach the children about the drum and guitar.

Our children are quite good with the guitar and now have become even better at playing. We finally can say that we have a little band that includes two guitarists, a drummer and one singer. Hopefully very soon they will be able to perform. Still we need to replace the instruments as they are in a very poor condition.

A volunteer couple, James and his wife Joanna, came to visit Baan Unrak and they did a lot of work for us in a short period of time. James used his advertising background to good use with a few projects for Didi.  He took time also to give guitar lessons to children.

His wife Joanna taught handicraft to our women in the sewing room.  As well as setting up painting and art lesson on a Saturday morning.  The kids loved it!

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