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Welcome back home

We all love Mongkila. He has been with us since he was a little baby. We remember his mother before she gave us her last farewells. She wanted her two boys to stay together. They were brothers from different fathers. She knew that Mongkila will need the support of his big brother, Joe. We would have really liked it if we could have fulfilled her wish. After her cremation, the village authority came to take the older and stronger boy to give him to his biological father, but left little Mongkila unable to walk and talk at the age of 3.

We cared for him and it was a miracle that at five years old, after a long struggle, he was able finally stand up and walk with a trolley. He talked and he could make himself understood.

Dr Mitra Somenath a notable homeopathic doctor from India did a great job with him.

At the age of 15, we understood that we could not help him further. To develop more, he needed a more specialist facility. We found that particular facility at the Camillian home for children living with disabilities.

Now he is 17 years old.  We and the children of Baan Unrak went to visit him several times and bring him around Bangkok sightseeing.

A few days ago, we brought him back home to deal with administrative documentation matters. All his old friends were overjoyed. He got to be back in his old room with his care-giver. He was so happy. He is so strong and of good humor.

He did not improve much in reading, writing or counting as we hoped he would, but he pleasantly surprised us by starting to play our drum set, demonstrating perfect rhythm. Yes, we could see the progress and the benefit that he received from the Camillian home. Still he needs to learn more and he needs his pears that face his same challenges in life.

The last pleasant surprise was that suddenly, before he went back, his brother now a young strong man showed up to our facility to take his brother on a tour. The news that Monkila came back did not stay confined to the walls of Baan Unrak, but it spread to the community of Sangklaburi, far into the jungle village, where his brother lives.

It was a very special treat for Monkila to find that his only living relative came to see him and entertain him. He improved his self-esteem a lot.

He was sad to leave us, but he still need the Camillian home and his friends there.

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