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A festival Welcoming Diversity

Sangkhlaburi is a small township near the Myanmar border.

It has such Cultural mixture!

  • That is its beauty and attraction.

  • The call for the festival is to show case the hidden talent of the special people living in this beautiful place.

So many different expression and lifestyle of this little town.

But the children preserve their freshness

Human civilization is not one flower

but a beautiful garden with innumerable flowers of

so many scents and

so many varieties.

Why the fashion show and Why Baan Unrak is doing it?

It is an opening of our little community into a wider community to celebrate diversities.

To widen our horizon

To open a window into infinite possibilities

To bring our special messages

The right of everyone

To be innocent

To be unique

To be human

To show case our talented child :


  • With a passion for dance.

  • With an incredible sensitivity to movement and sound.

To show case the talents that use to be in Baan Unrak :


A great musician.

A great vocalist.


A great stage personality.

Very comfortable to sing any song.

LGBTQ From Sangklaburi Comunity :

Zoe and Nut

Beautiful people with a passion for beauty, style and perfection.

The talent of Sangkhlaburi :

Misason, Naiyana, Ko

Our girl :

Kushuma (fashion designer)

  • The modeling world is her passion. She has confirmed it to us by throwing her beautiful collection.

  • Excellent sense of beauty and love of details.

  • Great love for every living thing.

She needs help to complete her fashion designing study

Our boy :

Shubham (fashion designer)

  • He is the inspiration behind the show.

  • Came from so far to help us.

  • He is an excellent designer.

  • He is a student of the famous Indian designer ANAMIKA KHANNA.

  • He loves all life

  • He needs financial support to complete his course.

With this program Baan Unrak initiates the beginning of a new relationship with the larger community with some needy things.

This initiative will be the start of consumer cooperative for the poor people of Sangkhlaburi to get cheap clothes and so on.


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