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Aid and Assistance in Myanmar

Many of the Baan Unrak children have Burmese roots.

We are closely related to Myanmar and feel the responsibility to support the people in need over the border that is located so close to us.

The children from Baan Unrak filled the trunk with essential items for the people in Myanmar.

Let's take a closer look at the impact they made.

Traveling for many hours on the rough rocky roads, the team of our graduates and friends crossed the border of Myanmar to reach the people, who were waiting for help.

Joulpround village

The people have been waiting for us here. The community was hopeful and patient, looking forward to the support we brought.

Dada Rama, who runs another children's home related to us, has been working in this area for over 8 years. He has put his effort into building a new clinic for the village. This year we have united our forces to finish the project and give the villagers proper medical care.

Blankets, school supplies, clothing, treats, and fire extinguishers were thoughtfully distributed among villagers, addressing their diverse needs.

With a focus on vision and healthcare, villagers received eyeglasses, while screenings for future cataract treatments took place, ensuring sustained care for their well-being.

After helping these people as much as we could, we set our cars to head to the next destination.

Panang Pon Public Hospital is taking care of more than 30 villages nearby.

The hospital, currently accommodating a limited number of patients due to space constraints, appealed for support in expanding its facilities, seeking solar systems, operational equipment, and additional buildings.

More eyeglasses were distributed here and many people got checked for cataracts.

We gave away the fire extinguisher, and the children received notebooks, pencils, and other school items.

Continuing our mission, we extended support to Naybya, a Karen village facing pressing needs for water systems, nursery, and clinic buildings. This is our imminent mission, driven by a commitment to empower these communities.

In Lock Ga Nee village, the first need is building a school.

Our collective effort will focus on fulfilling this basic necessity by joining hands with the local community.

Around 1500 people have benefited from this relief trip and many more will benefit from our future collaboration.

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