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Bangkok Dance Show

This time Baan Unrak children went to the capital city with a dance show.

This event allowed them to reveal themselves in a new light. They showed dynamism and brightness, but at the same time, the tenderness of their nature.

The younger children also showed some dances. With all their youth and sincerity, they are always the favorites of the public.

We are happy to see, that boys are also interested in dancing.

Through dance, they learn to understand themselves better, and to trust themselves. They become strong and free.

The entire show was prepared by children themselves. Bigger children create their own choreography and teach the younger ones.

Everyone practiced sincerely for the new show and the result was outstanding: the audience held their breath catching every movement.

Of course, the children couldn't resist showing some of the famous yoga elements.

We can see, how happy they are when they perform on the stage. Especially if this is a stage of the capital city! And this alone is enough to prepare new shows, to train hard, and to come to conquer Bangkok again and again.

Watch some moments from the show:

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