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Building Sandcastles and Memories in Hua Hin

As the final days of summer break drew near, we embarked on one last grand adventure before the new school term began and the rainy season settled in. Our destination? The beautiful coastal town of Hua Hin. This journey was crafted to give our elementary school children an unforgettable experience, following in the footsteps of our older children and pre-kindergarten students who had their own exciting escapades earlier in the summer.

Our adventure began in the early hours of the morning, with over 16 hours of travel ahead. We packed snacks to keep our energy up and made pit stops for breakfast and lunch along the way.

As the evening approached, we finally arrived at our accommodation, but the children couldn’t wait to see the beach. Dropping our bags, we headed straight to the sea.

The excitement was palpable as the children rushed eagerly into the water. For many, it was their first time feeling the embrace of seawater and swimming in the ocean.

The laughter and joy were contagious as they built sandcastles and played in the sand, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Our exploration didn’t stop at the beach. We ventured to Khao Kalok, a nature lover’s paradise. The climb was steep and challenging, but the breathtaking view from the top made every step worth it. The children marveled at the natural beauty, feeling a sense of accomplishment and wonder.

Next on our itinerary was a visit to the aquarium. The children were mesmerized by the diverse aquatic life, from the beautiful to the bizarre. Watching the divers feed the sharks was a thrilling highlight, sparking endless questions and wide-eyed amazement.

Our journey continued to Hua Hin Safari, where we were treated to spectacular animal performances. Snakes, tigers, elephants, and alligators showcased their talents, captivating the audience.

The children’s faces lit up with delight, especially when they got to take pictures with the alligator.

After a day full of adventures, we went swimming at the beach again and had a delightful picnic. We had prepared snacks for the picnic, and many kind people we met along the way shared mangoes, watermelons, and other treats with us.

Besides traveling, we also took the time to fulfill our responsibilities. The children learned the importance of taking care of their environment by cleaning the house and helping to cook. It was their first time cooking for themselves, and they were excited and proud of their efforts.

This amazing experience brought immense joy to all of us and created memories that will forever remain in our hearts. As we look back on this trip, we are filled with gratitude for the adventures and the lessons learned along the way.


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