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Cat rescue

On the way to the pagoda for meditation, one of the children noticed a cat sitting on a tree. It has been there since morning. Seems that it cannot get down without our help. The boy calls for the bigger children.

No one had any climbing aids, but that's not a problem if you are young and strong. And so, the rescuer deftly climbs up the smooth trunk. Girls are supporting both, the cat and the rescuer.

Now, he got to the cat, but what to do next? How to get down with a cat? Need help!

The second hero climbs a tree. It is a wild cat, so it does not let us take it easily. The cat is frightened, it scratches and hisses. Let's try to wrap it in a blanket.

But even so, it is not possible to bring the cat down. Any better ideas? Let's put the cat in a bag, it will work out.

Hooray! The cat is saved!

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