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Cooking competition

It is said: "You are what you eat."

In Baan Unrak, we pay serious attention to what we eat.

We combine different products to make sure, the children get all the necessary nutrients.

This time we experiment with quinoa, barley and bulgur, that we received from our generous donors. In order to explore new ways to use unfamiliar ingredients, we organized a cooking competition.

Children have divided into couples and searched for interesting recipes.

The younger teenagers also participated in the competition on a decent level.

The children have made surprisingly different dishes, from savory to sweet.

The colorful ones were even more fun to eat!

More complicated recipes required teamwork. Many children joined the cooking team to support them and help to be ready in time.

For two weeks we had special food every morning and every evening.


The children impressed us with their creativity - and with the talent for decoration.

Everyone could taste their works of art and give feedback.

It was very difficult to judge the competition because everyone showed their talents.

Still, we had to decide, who was the best.

How could we evaluate the art?

Eventually, the winners were the ones, who kept the kitchen clean and tidy and succeeded in using most of the new ingredients.

Everyone, the cooks and the tasters, got very inspired by the cooking competition, regardless of winning or not.

And we are happy to learn new delicious recipes for nutritious quinoa, barley and bulgur.

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