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Debate on a hot topic

Baan Unrak is fully vegetarian - this is a part of our beliefs.

Even though we all understand the value of life, it is important to discuss the reasons for our lifestyle.

We had a whole debate on this topic.

The children divided into two teams: one was supporting vegetarian ideas and the other was against. Belonging to a group did not represent the real opinion of the members.

They had a few days to prepare. Children researched on the Internet and used their own knowledge and ideas.

Soon they were ready for the debate.

The "vegetarian" team opened the debate.

They spoke about animal rights and the benefits for health.

The "meat eater" group replied with reasonable arguments about the importance of protein and minerals, that can be found in meat.

The "non-violence" group knew, that all that can be found in vegetarian food. Even more, there are essential elements that only greens can provide, like fiber and vitamins.

On the other hand, meat can cause many serious health issues.

Some points from the "carnivores" were correct, and some were rejected as myths.

Both teams passionately fought for their ideas.

Many children pleasantly surprised us with their great speeches. And surely they learned something not only about food and health but also about themselves.

One day was not enough and the teams met again the next day. They had more arguments to share.

Children took this debate very seriously. Both teams prepared very well and had a lot to say. It was a big challenge to decide, which team was better.

Our judges evaluated the logic of the speech and oratory.

After a big discussion, the judges decided that the "herbivore" team won this debate.

As a reward, the whole team got coupons for our restaurant! And the best speakers got special, higher-value coupons for their hard work. And even the speakers of the losing team got the coupons because they did a really good job.

The food in the restaurant was vegetarian, regardless of the group.

We think it was a great experience.

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