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A thunderstorm that has stirred our life

Recently Sangkhlaburi was hit by a devastating storm. Locals say they haven't seen weather being so fierce in many years. It broke many trees and destroyed many houses in the district and there was no electricity for a few days after.

Our home also was damaged by the wrath of nature. With only the light of the torches, children cleared the whole stockroom to save the clothes and shoes from the flood.

The next morning we could evaluate the damage. The roofs of our houses were broken by the storm, including the stockroom, bedrooms and the greenhouse.

A huge tree fell on the roof of our bakery. The roof and windows got broken, and half of the bakery and the weaving center showroom got flooded.

By joining the force, children and grownups cleaned the whole damaged area. Great work has been done here!

Everyone was helping according to their capacity.

With a wide smile and under wise leadership everything gets done.

All, that got wet, has dried in the sun. And what got broken, was removed and replaced.

This devastating storm has destroyed many homes, of humans and animals. We are repairing our house and helping the ones, who need us.

We believe, that everything happens for the best.

This is our way of life: seeing love in everything.

Baba nam kevalam


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