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Didi's Birthday

Didi's birthday is a very special day for the children. It is a chance to show her their love and gratefulness.

The older children have been preparing for this day long before.

Secretly they gathered in the meeting room and practiced a happy birthday song to make Didi smile on her special day.

After the evening meditation, they all stayed in the hall and invited Didi into the middle of the circle.

With voices as diverse as their backgrounds, they sang the song beautifully and harmoniously, demonstrating the remarkable bond they share in their loving home.

Children gave Didi a special cake made just for her - and a bigger one to share with everyone.

Didi blew the candles and received the flowers.

We were so excited and happy to give her at least a part of the love she is sharing with us every day.

Even on her big day, Didi could not stop taking care of the children. With a loving heart, she gave everyone a piece of cake with her own hands.

... and the children's favorite part: candy throwing!

Didi liked the song, but was it the only gift for today?

Of course not! Many older children and graduates put their money together to give Didi a brand-new four-wheel vehicle!

It was very touching to know, that even children, who have left Baan Unrak long ago, contributed to the birthday present. It means a lot for Didi.

Seems, that Ishvari is enjoying Didi's present the most!

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