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Holiday adventures

Baan Unrak is a home for more than a hundred children and all of them want to have fun on their school vacation.

Many of the secondary school children and newcomers to our home have never had the opportunity to explore Kanchanaburi. We dedicated a few days to introduce them to the beauty of our neighborhood and to acquaint them with the history of this place.

Hellfire pass

Hellfire Pass is a railway cutting on the former Burma Railway also known as "Death Railway". This name, Hellfire Pass, arose from the haunting resemblance of emaciated prisoners to a scene from hell as they toiled by the flickering light of burning torches.

It is important to stay connected to the roots and know own history, even (and especially) so hard history. We want the children to understand and appreciate, what their ancestors went through.

Sai Yok Noi Waterfall

This waterfall is a stunning spectacle where the force of rushing water descends from a higher elevation, crashing against and cascading over rugged, uneven rock formations.

A wonderfully refreshing break on a hot day.

Children take delight in the water cascading from great heights and jumping from the rocks.

Srinakarin Dam

This place is another significant milestone in our community's recent history.

The dam was built in 1980, flooding the surrounding areas of the river and forcing thousands of locals to leave their homes. Now the lake serves as a vital water source for numerous families, but it is important to remember the sacrifice behind it.

Rafting/floating house

The children were so excited to live in the floating house!

Surrounded by water and stunning views, they enjoyed this time fully.

Under the watchful eyes of the adults and securely fastened in life jackets, they jumped out to the open water.

Opening the eyes after the morning meditation to the soft radiance of sunrise reflecting on the water is absolutely breathtaking.

The food tastes even more delicious in a floating house!

River Kwai bridge

This bridge is another remarkable point of the "Death Railway".

The entire history of this place, spanning from its challenging construction to the tragic toll of war and the broader narrative of Burma, has consistently been intertwined with themes of death and suffering. Yet, it is also a story of heroism that shines through the darkness.

Water park

The final checkpoint was a sprawling waterpark, where children could revel in playful adventures around the floating platforms and engage in exhilarating jumps from various structures.

This journey blended enjoyment and an enriching educational experience for the children, allowing them to explore their own identities, history, and culture. They relished their adventures and established a deeper connection with their roots.

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