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Kushuma is Back Home: Inspiring Changes and Vitality

Kushuma, a talented designer and graduate of Bangkok University, has lived in Baan Unrak since she was born. From a young age, her creative mind and artistic skills were apparent, as she was always drawing and exploring her love for art. After completing her education, She chose to return to the home and help improve our community.

Her return marked a turning point. The energy is evident everywhere, with the children now more active and engaged in contributing to the Baan Unrak community. We are surrounded by enthusiasm and vitality.

She is now the manager of our weaving center and bakery. The working environment has been completely renewed, with new systems and innovations in place. The atmosphere is vibrant.

Before returning, Kushuma visited us many times during her studies, often bringing friends. Together, they organized a fashion show featuring their beautiful designs made from our fabric, with our children as models. The show was great.

The event, held at Bromsgrove International School during our Christmas party, received many compliments.

Looking ahead, we are planning to organize another fashion show with her help. We invite all our readers to stay updated on the upcoming event through our Baan Unrak page on various platforms.

We hope that Kushuma's dedication and passion will continue to drive positive change and excitement in Baan Unrak.

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