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Mother's day celebration

Mother's Day takes on a unique and sensitive meaning in Baan Unrak.

On this occasion, the children made beautiful cards, handicrafts and picked flowers for the incredible women, who have served them as their mothers for many years. The hand-made cards had very meaningful words in them and helped children to share their feeling for the caregivers.

The older children organized the celebration ceremony and invited the rest of our family: the grown-ups and the little ones. Everyone gathered together to show their gratitude to Didi and the care mothers.

This day is about acknowledging and living through complex emotions. Grief and happiness, gratitude for the caregivers, sadness over the absence of biological mothers - all feelings mix together bringing tears to children's eyes.

The care-mothers too could not hold their tears, deeply touched by the small but meaningful gifts and all the words of gratitude.

Baan Unrak children live in a supportive and caring environment with loving care-mothers and many brothers and sisters, who help to make this place a home.

It is a deeply emotional day. There is the place for both, happiness and sadness.

Didi and care mothers shared their feelings bringing even more tears of gratitude to the children's faces. A deep sense of connection and empathy aid in the healing process. We have come to understand that acknowledging our emotions and confronting the past are crucial steps toward a more compassionate and wholesome future.

After the ceremony, the children organized many games, that lasted the whole weekend.

It united the children and helped them to overcome the difficult emotions of this important day.

In the end, they made a lottery and shared toys and nice new clothes among the little ones. The joy of sharing gives a sense of purpose and fulfillment, of community and belonging.

The children were so excited!

It was a beautiful event, that opened our hearts and united us as a family.

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