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Relief in Burma

The war in Burma keeps destroying the lives of civilians.

Four more villages had to leave their homes and move to the jungle to protect families from military attacks. They built simple shelters out of bamboo and plastic sheets.

The refugees are now out of the war zone. Soldiers do not come there, and these civilians are not afraid to show their faces. Still, we keep their location secret to make sure they are safe.

People are in great need of basic necessities. Together with dadas, we went to their hideout to give them rice, canned food, soap, washing powder, water containers, and also small solar panels for charging.

Most likely, families will not be able to return to their villages soon. This shelter will remain their home for a long time. So we brought some seeds, so people can grow their own food and provide for themselves in the future.

Our main task is to bring people hope.

Some snacks for the kids.

Tragedy that goes through generations.

Even in such difficult times, youth retain their inner shine.

Children always remain children. They don't have any toys, but they are very creative.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no positive news, the situation is only escalating.

By supporting Baan Unrak, you also support people in need.

Your help is very important.


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