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Right for health

Medical care is one of the five basic needs. Every human being has a right to get it, but it is not available to everybody. Here in Baan Unrak, we are trying to fill this gap. Regularly we deliver medical help to our neighborhood.

But this time we had a chance to do something special. We had very important guests - homeopathic doctors.

We know that homeopathy is a harmless safe remedy that often helps to cope with issues against which conventional medicine has been powerless. Therefore, many of the children and adults who live in Baan Unrak were looking forward to the doctor's visit.

We were so happy to welcome not just one doctor, but a whole team.

The doctors did not come only for us: we invited people from the area who cannot afford the services of medical institutions. Many people live in the jungle, they are afraid of hospitals and allopathic medicine. They have many reasons for that: some have had a bad experience in hospitals, as poor people can be mistreated there; others are not legally registered in Thailand, so they are afraid of being reported and put in jail.

So they decide not to go to hospitals at all. But they are ready to give homeopathy a try.

For many people, this is the only chance to get medical help.

Even a few people from the jungle came. In Baan Unrak we know how difficult it is for them to come here. So we try to make their stay as comfortable, as possible. A room was prepared for them so that they could stay overnight. And we are happy to donate some second-hand clothes to people in need.

On the first day, doctors started to accept patients from around Sangkhlaburi. Some people have come from far away.

Baan Unrak children treat doctors and patients as their guests: tea is waiting for them and treats are prepared. Children sang a few songs, danced and performed in a yoga show. Everything to make them feel comfortable and cozy.

Second day we spent visiting the villages giving medical help to people, who were not able to come to Baan Unrak. Local children were so curious to know, what is happening.

First of all, doctors interviewed the patients; Baan Unrak children and graduates translated complaints from local languages: Karen, Burmese and Mon.

The next step is symptom analysis and prescription. Doctors make a personal remedy for everybody.

Our children helped to translate the prescription. They make sure that the patients can understand it and that the medicine will be taken accordingly.

Some people in the villages live in very poor conditions. We want to help them in all possible ways. One of our workers even sacrificed her shoes. And here you see a man proudly showing his remedy to a friend.

Our girls also shared some sweets with the villagers. Everyone enjoyed! It was a very productive day.

During all three days, our children and staff were involved in the organization. They were cooking, cleaning, translating, they sacrificed all their free time to help the guests during their stay in Baan Unrak.

Only after all the visitors received treatment doctors invited our children too.

By the end of the weekend, more than 200 patients received their treatment.

The importance of health cannot be overestimated. We take care of it from all sides: eat healthy food, drink enough water, lead an active lifestyle and breathe clean air. But if we still have problems, we are blessed to have friends like this to help us.


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