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Songkran Activities

Every year, April 13th comes the Thai New Year. To celebrate the event, three days are holidays during the week followed by the weekend. For 5 days the country takes a break.

Our children did not sit idly by.

1 - Outing

Over several days, some of us took off on the lake. Songkran festival is, after all, a water festival.

We sailed until we found some statues at the water's edge. As the level of the lake has dropped, some statues had their heads under water recently.

Some buildings a little further, blended completely with nature.

There was also another larger temple where the children could soak up and discover the culture of the country.

2 - Thank you Ceremony

Some children, former children, and some mothers, surprised Didi with a thank you ceremony.

During Songkran, everything goes through the water, even thanks.

3 - Water Game

Let's go for the hunt for dry children.

4 - Turtles

Two little lives have joined our big family. These two turtles come to move in with us to meet all the children who are in a hurry to get to know each other.

As it is important for us to welcome them properly, our children have built a little pond for them.

Wait a minute dear friends. Your pond is almost ready.

Here we go! the pond is ready!

5 - Shirts

It is the tradition during the New Year festival to wear colorful or flower-strewn clothing. Each child has fun choosing the shirt that suits them. Our friend from Bangkok sent us many Songkran shirts. They added more colors to the already colorful festival.

6 - Paint workshop

Brush in hand, paint pot on the side, do our best to make splendid circular patterns

That's all for this year. On behalf of Baan Unrak, we wish you a happy Thai New Year!

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