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The Great Show

Ladies and gentlemen

The time has come to show our talents and our sense of aesthetic.

From green to red to pink. Lots of shoes, jewelry and colorful wigs were given by some very kind supporters to us to add splendor to our show.

We had four magnificent fashion walks. We teach to our children that every life form has a beauty of their own. It is the first time our little one start to experience beauty in and out of themselves and they feel so good.

Here is some dresses we made ourself at Baan Unrak Sewing Center

Kushuma is a Baan Unrak child.

She is studying in the field of fashion. She is very skilled, anyone whom she dresses looks like a wonderful princess.

Shubham is one of our brother from another Children Home in India. He is also an incredible fashion designer who deserves to be known by all.

The atmosphere was good.

Everyone was happy to be there and everyone was beautiful.

Some officers from the government office joined us in this very special show.

More than a parade, the fashion show was also a great opportunity to perform our art.

Look at Dharma, he astonished everyone with his dances. His passion for dance bring him to Bangkok every week to attend one hour class. He is ready to take any hardship in order to fulfill this passion.

This show is not only about beauty, it's also a good opportunity for us to open to the all the villagers. All were welcome to participate to the show. We had some beautiful member of our community to present Baan Unrak creation on our catwalk.

Their right to be innocent, their right to be unique, their right to be Human.

We all had a great time.

We thanks everyone that made possible for us to materialized this event.

Head2Toe Salon for the given wigs, jewelry, high heels, GP Flowers for their flowers, Da (the friend of April) for high heels, wigs, Chun-Jih Wang for his financial support, the government officers of Sangkhlaburi who spend valuable time to support our program, our honored guest Sukesh, her husband (Pravith Chansrichavala) and daughter.

Thank you to everyone that also participated who contributed to the success of this event.

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