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The long walk of life

Birth is an experience that demonstrates that life is not merely function and utility, but form and beauty.

Birth includes the first moments and emotions of life. It is the beginning of everything.

The birthday is a way to celebrate this very fresh start. Today, it was time to celebrate Baba's first appearance in the world and we all celebrate it for him to honor his immeasurable love.

Here is how we celebrated:

We dressed in good clothes ...

... and brought flowers ...

... We had a long walk to the pagoda on the mountain.

We all joined our voices to sing Baba Nam Kevalam.

Together, we walked in a circle to create an infinite wave of love.

Love for everything.

From very early in the morning until the first light of day, we took turns to sing continuously and everyone took part in the experience.

Dada and Aye Maw were our musical performers but little ones joined also in the percussion.

After ending our long walk, we meditated on the cosmic love that surrounds and impregnate everything.

We also went to another celebration today.

The villagers brought flowers.

They also made a long walk to the shrine for those people who have concluded their life journeys.

She was a beautiful mothers of one of our little boys.

She knew she had to leave so she prepared everything in advance for her son to be safe to be strong.

Finally, we reached the shrine where we gave her our last farewell.

We gathered at the cremation site with our courageous little boy as he had to perform the last important ritual.

In the end, he could see the wind carrying peacefully the essence of his mother into the infinite sky.

We saw our little boy growing on courage and determination as if he was receiving a spiritual inheritance of love, strength and sacrifice from his beloved mother.

As the life's journey is continuously renewing itself, he will celebrate for a long time to come his mother's immeasurable love.

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