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The Magic Journey Performance

An incredible performance took place this week.

Baan Unrak children traveled to Bangkok to show their new program, which included singing, dancing, a light show, a yoga performance, and a fashion show.

However, despite the magnitude of the event, the children felt very relaxed and enjoyed the moment.

Preparation was very serious: one full day they spent practicing, so they could show their best.

Hairstyles and stage makeup always take a long time.

Last stretchings and practices - and we are ready to start!

Yoga performance opened the great show.

The children were as graceful as they always are.

They showed us some new shapes and movements leaving the audience speechless.

Our younger boys prepared two dances.

Through the dance, they share their stories and emotions, creating a connection that resonates deeply with both performers and spectators.

Dance provides children with a powerful means of self-expression and self-discovery, fostering a sense of authenticity and self-acceptance.

The younger girls shared the cultural Karen dance. We are happy to witness, how the traditions are passed from one generation to the next, ensuring that their cultural heritage remains alive and vibrant.

The dance of the other girl team was so energetic, that the audience could not help but cheer them!

Praipana, our incredible singer, performed two songs.

And what an amazing dress was she wearing! It was created by our designer Kushuma.

The light show shocked the audience with a range of emotions. The combination of music and light left no one indifferent.

Fashion show

All designs were created by two young designers, Kushuma Jareonphon (Baan Unrak graduate) and Chanikan Nakhinchat.

The first part: A Land Of Blossom

Was inspired by a flower garden theme and all of the clothes were made out of the fabric produced by Baan Unrak Weaving.

The juxtaposition of floral-inspired fashion on young models can create a captivating fusion of nature's beauty with the beauty of youth. The clothing's gentle colors and organic textures harmonize with the natural glow of youthful skin, making for a stunning visual spectacle.

Beautiful and charming, when teenagers model these designs, they become part of a creative narrative that celebrates the artistic potential in all of us. This fosters a sense of imagination and encourages young people to explore their artistic talents.

The youthfulness of the young children adds an extra layer of charm to the flower garden cloth collection. Their natural grace and exuberance breathe life into the designs, reminding us of the joy and spontaneity of youth.

Second part: A Land Of Treasure.

Pirate-inspired clothing collection allowed our children to push away the boundaries and express their freedom and rebellion.

Young men sent a powerful message that beauty comes in many forms and that confidence and authenticity are more attractive than conforming to societal expectations.

Children demonstrate that they are unafraid to explore, take risks, and chart their course in life.

Pirate-inspired style encourages young ladies to embrace adventure, resilience, and strength, regardless of societal expectations. Girls send a powerful message that they can take on any role or persona they choose.

Members of the LGBT community of Sangkhlaburi diversified the show and made it brighter.

Representing the community is significant for us, as it is Baan Unrak's effort to bridge the reality of our town and Thailand.

Expressing gratitude to the talented young designers.

We are amazed by the outcome of their painstaking work.

As always, the performance finished with one of our songs, that shares the views and beliefs of Baan Unrak: love is all.

It was a magnificent performance and a great day.

We are looking forward to more challenges to show the world, what we are capable of.

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