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Waterfall in the jungle

In Baan Unrak we feel very close to the nature.

Today we went to the jungle to enjoy the wild beauty.

We made our way through impenetrable thickets and jumped over streams.

Through witnessing the breathtaking beauty, we learn to love and protect our planet.

Finally we reached the river with its waterfalls. All the elements: air, sun, earth and water meet here and create these stunning views.

Reaching the waterfall was a moment of pure joy.

It did not take long until all the children jumped into the refreshing water.

And then they kept jumping again and again. Big and small, they were jumping from the waterfall and from the top of a tree. Everybody was having so much fun!

We are happy to live in one of the most beautiful places of the world. It is now our duty to protect it and we are ready.

It was a beautiful journey.

We are grateful to our friends and sponsors, who bring these moments of happiness even when they are far away.

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