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What a fun day with our little ones

Today was a special day for our younger children; a day full of smiles, laughter, games and a lot of fun! They got to explore the surroundings and experience a lovely amusement park for kids. We spent the whole day out and the best part of it all was seeing them playing altogether and being happy.

Our first stop was the dam. For the small children it was their first time visiting this peaceful place with so much water all around and their excitement was something they will never forget.

We took a lovely picture here altogether and we wandered around for a little while just to admire where we were.

So much fun requires a lot of energy and more so, a full stomach, so our next stop was in a beautiful temple surrounded by trees and flowers where the kids had their lunch and a little bit of playtime while learning some English songs. The best part was to see the smile on their faces when they got a yummy Doughnut as a little treat.

The day though was just about to get even better!

We moved to another amazing place with a breathtaking view. The kids were so excited to be here, they got to slide down the valley using a rubber sledge. We all had so much fun, it was truly a blessing to witness so much joy all around.

Time for the next adventure. We were headed to another fantastic amusement park with the cutest railway station for kids. The ride was absolutely adorable and it took us to a nice tour in the jungle. The scenery from the open train was marvelous and we could see the wonder in the children’s eyes. Even the adults were amazed by it!

Before saying goodbye, the staff kindly offered all the kids delicious ice cream.

No words needed here, you can imagine their happiness for getting some extra sweets😉

Last but not least, a refreshing swim in a place, that definitely looked like a paradise, after such an intense day this was a must for us all!

The atmosphere here was extraordinarily peaceful beyond words. The children had an amazing time, some were swimming, some of them were jumping in the well, some other were playing around in the garden. The day couldn't have ended in a better way. The real blessing is to spend some time with children, their positive energy is contagious and the love they spread is so precious, you have no other choice but to admire the unique gift you are receiving by simply being around them.

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