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In Thai, Baan Unrak means “The Home of Joy”

Our primary mission is to provide housing, food, education, emotional support and opportunities to vulnerable children from Thailand and Myanmar.

The Neo-Humanist philosophy is the guiding principle of our project. Simply stated, we believe that we should love and care for all beings in the universe.

What We Do

Children's Home

The biggest part of our mission, Baan Unrak Children's Home provides a safe, loving and healthy home for 150 needy children from Thailand, Burma including the neighboring Mon and Karen States . We also offer education, medical, psychological and spiritual care in a warm and loving atmosphere. 

Weaving Center

There is something special about the Baan Unrak product.  It is not only beautiful handmade and created out of organic, vegan materials- there is an added value to our produts- the stories of those who have hand crafted them.  


 All the children receive a high quality education through:

  • our sister project: Baan Unrak School

  • local schools

  • schools through out the country

  • our own nursery school

  • our home school

  • university

Women's Project

In 1995, Baan Unrak decided to develop a project to help reduce the abandonment of children. Our main focus is to offer opportunities to needy women so they no longer feel the pressure to desert their children. 

Outreach Programs

Desperate poverty combined with a lack of rights and opportunities for migrant children and families creates an environment of extreme hardship. Baan Unrak supports these families with food and medical care..

Bakery and Bookstore

As part of our goal to be self-sustaining, we operate a bakery in the town. The bakery sells all kinds of popular vegetarian meals and snacks.

Educational Expenses

A higher education can be the most powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty that these children are caught in.  We do our best to provide this opportunity for our children, but it is sometimes beyound our means.  You can read more and support our efforts here.

Irregular Income

While we are lucky to have so many supporters, our income is very irregular.  Because of this uncertainty we have to use extreme caution with each of our activities to be sure we have sufficient funds to pay for our needs.  Your monthly sponsorship can help give us more certainty and which will increase our effectiveness. You can learn more about sponsoring a child here.

We need your Support

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