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Building muscles

Some time ago we had a serious debate about the vegetarian lifestyle. All the children enjoyed it and, most importantly, they had a chance to speak about their concerns.

That's how we got to know, that there are some boys, who want to become stronger and grow more muscles.

This is where our bodybuilding project started.

Read about the vegetarian debate here:

We collected the weights we had and ordered some additional equipment. It was not much, but something to start with.

There are some bigger boys, who are serious about exercising. They are ready to change their lifestyle and put their mind to achieve the goal.

Bodybuilding requires discipline, determination and resilience. There is no place for chaotic decisions - and this is how the warrior spirit is grown.

Children adhere to strict training schedules, diets and rest routines; they must remain determined and focused to overcome obstacles and setbacks on their journey.

Younger children are curious about the gym and often join and copy the exercises with lighter weights.

The staff members want to become more fit as well. Office workers and care mothers are always on time to exercise.

Regular physical activity is a great way of maintaining a healthy weight and cholesterol levels, strengthening the heart and improving circulation, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins, which helps to manage stress and improve emotional well-being - and boosts energy levels, making it easier to tackle daily tasks and responsibilities.

After we shared our gym ideas, we started receiving donations like a punching bag and some more weights. Soon we will be able to deliver the donated equipment to Baan Unrak and our gym will grow.

The boys cannot wait to get the punching bag!

There are still many basic things missing in our small gym and we gladly accept donations that would stimulate the physical development of children and adults of Baan Unrak.

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